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How to Find the Right Plant for You and Your Space

How to Find the Right Plant for You and Your Space

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If you've never owned a houseplant before or just never had any luck with plants i.e. keeping them alive, there are a couple things to think about before you buy your first, OR next plant to make sure your plant parent journey is successful.



If you happen to be a Plant Killer, don't give up on plants just yet!  Chances are that the plant or plants that you killed were just not suited to your lifestyle.  There is a plant out there for you.

One of our missions with Aloe Gal is to help people find the right plants that suit their life so that they can enjoy them and all of the benefits that they bring, so we're giving you the best tips on How to Find the Right Plants for You and Your Space.


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(Aloe Vera Plant & Boston Fern, Aloe Gal Plants & Decor) 

How do I choose a houseplant? 

What it really comes down to is finding your plant match.  That means figuring out what you can offer your plants in terms of plant care and environment, and matching that with plants that thrive in those conditions, or at least tolerate them.

Once you've identified that, you'll have much more success keeping plants healthy, looking beautiful, and benefitting you in more ways than you probably realize.   

So before you buy the plant that you saw on your Facebook or Instagram feed, make sure it's the right plant for you.   Here's what you need to think about...


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How much care can you offer your plants?

The first thing that you need to think about is how much care can you offer your plants.

There are plants for everyone, but some are a little more finicky than others so it's worthwhile to find the one that's going to suit your lifestyle.

Take a moment to think about what your life is like and how much care you are able and willing to give your plants.  Ask yourself.  Are you always out and about? maybe traveling often? or do you have time to pay some extra attention to your plants?  

Some people just need plants that can tolerate a little bit of neglect to suit their  personality or lifestyle and that's ok.  

Whatever it is, take those things into consideration when buying your plant so you can begin a successful plant parent journey with the right plants.


How much light does your space offer?

Light is very important to plants.  It's the fuel that allows them to grow and some need more than others.  

That's why looking at how much light your space offers is an important part of how to find the right plants. 

Even if you live or work in a space that doesn't get much light, there are Low Light Plants that will tolerate those kinds of conditions.

For example, if you don't have a lot of light in your space and are a little forgetful with watering, you want a plant that can tolerate low light, is going to be resilient, and not mind missing a watering or two. 

Spider Plants would be a great match for this type of Plant Parent.  The stems of the spider plant are going to droop and you'll get a very obvious visual cue that he needs water, but he's not going to die on you right away.  That's one of the great things about Spider Plants.

    If on the other hand you have a bright space and want a plant that you don’t have to worry about much, maybe because you’re super busy or travel a lot, a plant like an Aloe or a Cactus would be great for you.  They love indirect bright light and only need to be watered every 2-4 weeks.

    If you are someone that likes to nurture and has a little more time on your hands, you might like a plant like the Calathea, the Monstera or the Fiddle Leaf Fig.  They like more consistent watering and so this type of plant may be better suited to you.



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    Toxic and non-toxic plants

    Another thing to consider is if you have pets or young children that may possibly eat your plants…you most likely want to go for plants that are non-toxic like the Parlor Palm, Spider Plants, Cacti, and Ferns.  If the toxic plants are ingested they will cause tummy upset so it's best to just keep those plants away from the little ones.  Here are some more of our favourite non-toxic plants.



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    What is a good starter plant?

    There is a great selection of plants that make a good starter plant.  They are resilient, don't require much care and will have you believing that you are a great plant parent in no time.  

    Our favourite starter plant is the Snake Plant or Sansevieria.  This plant tolerates low light really well but also thrives in indirect bright light so you can place it pretty much anywhere.  It only requires water every 2-4 weeks and most people that own these plants will tell you that the more they leave their snake plants alone, the better they do.   Here are the rest of our favourite Best Beginner Plants.



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