We Make Indoor House Plants Easy.


Aloe Gal is where you can learn about Super Easy to Care for Plants and discover your individual Plant LifeStyle.


Life is busy.  More than ever.  So making things easy is everything!  And we do exactly that when it comes to indoor houseplants. 
Now, we know that plants can sometimes be intimidating because, well...they can die on you.  But that is why all of the plants we talk about are Super Easy to Care For.  We provide Plant Parent Advice when you need it.  
House Plants add style to our space and wellness to our lives by cleaning our air and actually making us happy.   That's why so many people are now adding plants to their homes and offices.  

Whether it's just a couple throughout our space or an urban jungle that we create, there's no doubt that plants and stylish plant accessories are a must have.  

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