How to Care for your Houseplants this Winter ~ 7 Winter Plant Care Tips

How to Care for your Houseplants this Winter ~ 7 Winter Plant Care Tips



When the days get shorter, colder, and darker i.e. WINTER, many plants go dormant so their care needs change.  That means it's time to make a few adjustments in your plant care.   

Here is what you need to keep in mind when taking care of your houseplants during the winter.


1. Scale Back the Watering 

With less light and colder temperatures, it's essential to adjust your watering routine during the winter months.  Your plants may not need to be watered as often as they do in the summer.  

Before you reach for the watering can, stick your finger in the soil a couple inches down to make sure it's dry.  If not, give it a little more time.


ZZ Plant in Natural Grey Cement Planter Pot_White Watering Can_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor

(ZZ Plant, Aloe Gal Plants & Decor)

If the plant gets watered excessively it can lead to root rot which is a really good way to kill your plant.  At the very least, it ends up being a lot of work to try and save it.  

At this time of year, plants like the Snake Plant, Aloes and Cacti only need to be watered every 4 weeks or so.  Those are the low maintenance kind of plants we like!

If normally you water a plant once a week, you might need to cut down your watering frequency to twice a month instead.  

Of course, make sure to take into consideration your specific plant when it comes to watering as each one has their own watering needs.   

Also, keep in mind that you always want to use room temperature water.  This actually goes for watering all year round.  You don't want to shock your plants with cold water.  

Trust me, they won't be very happy about that.


2. Move your Plants - Light Matters

The weather is getting colder and the days are darker so it's time to assess the temperatures and light that your plants are getting and move them if necessary.  Otherwise your indoor plants may struggle to get the energy they need for photosynthesis.  

Move your plants near the brightest windows in your home. If you have south or west-facing windows, that's ideal.

If you find that your plants are starting to lean towards the light, that's a good signal to rotate your plants so that all sides get the light they need.  

You can rotate them every few days to keep your plant straight.

If your space is especially dark, you may want to consider adding some artificial light with one of your lamps or getting an actual grow light for your plants.  


Snake Plant and Peperomia Plant_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor

(Snake Plant & Peperomia, Aloe Gal Plants & Decor)


3. Watch the Temperature

Keep an eye on the temperature in your home. Most houseplants prefer temperatures between 60-75°F (15-24°C). Avoid placing them near drafts, radiators, or heating vents. 

If you have plants that are now in the way of a draft, such as from your windows or front door, consider moving them away from the cold to prevent cold damage.

On the other side of cold temperatures coming from the outdoors, you've also got hot dry air from the heaters indoors.  

At this time of year it's only natural to turn on the heat but it's not ideal for your plants.  The heat can drop the humidity and it can dehydrate them.  Which leads us to #4... 

Winter Plant Care Tips_Aloe Gal

4. Keep it Humid

Winter means indoor heating, and indoor heating means dry air. Dry air can be harsh on your tropical plants so it's important to give your plants the humidity they need.

One of the best ways to do this is to have a humidifier running around your plants.  

If you don't have a humidifier there are other ways to achieve extra humidity for your plants.

Super Easy to Care for Plants in Stylish Planter Pots_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor

(Pothos, Parlor Palm, Snake Plant, Aloe Gal Plants & Decor)

If you group your plants together they will create a microclimate of increased humidity around them.  

To make it even better you can use a pebble tray.  As the water evaporates from the pebble tray it creates a humid environment for the plants.

Remember to mist them regularly, but avoid over-saturating their leaves.


5. Fertilize Sparingly & Re-Pot in the Spring

House Plants tend to go dormant in the winter so they are not growing much, which means that they don't need those extra nutrients provided by fertilizer right now.  

Now is also not the time to worry about re-potting your plant.  They are not growing and don't need the extra space.  

If you move them into to a pot that is too big for them (because they won't be growing into it for the next few months), you can actually end up overwatering and eventually killing them.  

Another reason not to re-pot during this time is that if their roots get damaged during re-potting it's much more difficult for them to recover.


(Ivy, Aloe Gal Plants & Decor)


6. Clean, Prune & Inspect

It can be easy to forget about your plants when you change your routine and are "not needed" as much but this is a great time to actually give your plants a little attention.  

If you haven't done so in a while, this is a great time to give them a clean.  Wipe them down, give them a spray and get rid of any dust and dirt build up.  

Plants need every bit of light they can get at this time year and the build up can prevent the them from soaking up the light they need.

Now is also a good time to remove any dead leaves that might be lingering and trim them if needed so that when growing season starts again your plants are ready to grow! 😉

Winter is also a great time to inspect your plants for any signs of pests or disease. Give your plants a close look and addressing any issues promptly.


7. Stay Patient

Winter can be a challenging time for plants, and they might not look as vibrant as they do in the summer. But with proper care and attention, they'll bounce back when spring arrives.

Show your leafy companions some love and keep them thriving through the chilly months. Remember, it's all about creating a cozy, plant-friendly environment that mimics their natural habitat as closely as possible. Happy gardening, and may your indoor jungle flourish all year round! 🌿❄️

For more plant care tips and inspiration, be sure to check out Aloe Gal's YouTube channel. And don't forget to share your winter plant care adventures with us on social media using #AloeGalWinterCare. Happy planting!



Do you have any tips on caring for your plants during the winter?  Share them below in the comments.

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