5 Plants that Make Perfect Plant Gifts

5 Plants that Make Perfect Plant Gifts

We love plants (obviously), and for those that have more than one, you know that plant addiction is a real thing.

Once you get one, you want another, and another...so why not pass on this healthy addiction to others, or feed one's addiction, depending on what stage of the Plant Parent Journey they are in.

Plants make great gifts.  They give joy, add style to our space, and are actually good for our health.       

What do you give someone who loves plants and which is the best plant to gift? 

Aloe Gal's Super Easy to Care for Plants are gift giving ready and we've put together our Top 5 Picks to make selecting the best one for someone super easy. 

Here are our Top 5 Perfect Plants for Gifting:  


1. The ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is at the top of our list because of it's striking good looks and super low maintenance ease.  

ZZ Plant in White Ceramic Planter Pot_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor
(photo: ZZ Plant)


The ZZ or Zamioculas Zamiifolia is so well liked because not only can it tolerate missing a watering or two or three, but it also does well in pretty much any light level from low light conditions to indirect bright light.

So whoever you are gifting it to doesn't need to fuss about this plant's needs.  They can just "set it and forget it"...and let it be beautiful in its space.

For a rundown of the ZZ's care needs, check out How to Care for a ZZ Plant | 4 Reasons we Love the ZZ Plant.




2. The Aloe Vera Plant

Not only is the Aloe Vera Plant a hardy succulent it's medicinal too!  Many people that have an Aloe Vera Plant or want one have fond memories of this plant in their home as they were growing up.  Surely it was for its medicinal gel known for healing burns, cuts and scrapes but whatever it is, this plant is always great to have on hand.

Aloe Vera Plant_Parlor Palm Plant_Plant Gifts_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor

(photo: Aloe Vera Plant)


That makes the Aloe Vera Plant a highly sought after gift.  Beauty and function all in one!

To find out just how easy the Aloe Vera Plant is to care for, check out these 6 Easy Care Tips for the Aloe Vera Plant.




3. The Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is high on the list of must have plants for your home.  It's the "Unkillable" Snake Plant so this plant is suitable for anyone (anyone without pets that is)!  With its tall sword like and stiff stems, it makes an architectural statement for the style savvy person in your life.


(photo: Snake Plant, Peperomia)


This is one of the Best Beginner Plants you can get so for anyone that is thinking about venturing into the world of Plant Parenthood, the Snake Plant is the perfect start.

Want to find out how easy it is to take care of the Snake Plant?  Read all about the "Unkillable" Snake Plant ~ Plant Care Tips.




4. The Pothos

Trailing plants are a favourite of many because the look screams "live plants".  Place them on a table, shelf or let them hang from a hanging basket or planter...whatever it is, a plant that trails brings with it an undeniable sense of living greenery in your space.


Pearls and Jade Pothos in White Ceramic Hanging Planter_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor
(photo: Pearls & Jade Pothos)


The Pothos is very resilient so for those that may be a little forgetful, this guy says "no problem".  

The Pothos also comes in many different types so adding more than one of this easy plant to your space enhances the variety of anyone's jungle.




5. The Haworthia

To round out our Top 5 Plants Perfect for Plant Gifts is the Haworthia.  This really easy textural plant is perfect for adding amongst the other doo dads in one's space.   


Haworthia in White Ceramic Planter Pot_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor

(photo: Haworthia)


The Haworthia likes indirect bright light so the only requirement for this guy is to make sure that the person you are gifting it to has a bright space to showcase it.

The Haworthia is a succulent just like the Aloe Vera Plant so it only needs to be watered every 2-4 weeks.  Easy! 




Haworthia Plant_Plant Gifts_Best Beginner Plants_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor 


Do you agree with our list of Top 5 Plants Perfect for Plant Gifts?   Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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