How to Care for a ZZ Plant | 4 Reasons We Love the ZZ Plant

How to Care for a ZZ Plant | 4 Reasons We Love the ZZ Plant

(Photo: ZZ Blanc the ZZ Plant)

Oh the ZZ!

That gorgeous, dark green, shiny, thick leafed plant that we all love so much.  

You may be asking yourself, why do you, Aloe Gal, love it so much?

Well I’ll tell you why I love it so much. 

I have A LOT of plants so anything that makes my life easier is welcomed.  Not to mention two young kids and the busy-ness that comes with just that.

Reason #1:

So I LOVE plants that do not require a lot and the ZZ is one of those plants.


Side Note: My personal collection includes every single one of the plants that can be found in the Aloe Gal Online Plant Shop so I know these plants intimately and can help fellow Aloe Gal Plant Lovers with their own plant parent journey.


ZZ is what I like to call a “Set it and Forget it” type Plant.  Just like its partner in crime, the Snake Plant, it doesn't need a lot of attention.  I don't advocate neglecting your plants as they all need love but the reality is, sometimes our lifestyles are just busy and our plants get a little ignored.

And for this reason the ZZ is one of our Best Beginner Plants


Reason #2: Firstly, the ZZ or officially known as Zamioculas Zamiifolia, comes from Africa where it’s used to long periods of drought (a.k.a. missing a watering or two...or maybe three) so I know that my ZZ can just do it’s thing and I can do mine.  

(Photo: ZZ the ZZ Plant and Little Kettle Watering Can)

Ideally the ZZ gets watered when the top couple inches of soil gets dry but just like a lot of Aloe Gal plants, it's not going to die on you if you forget.

The best way to water the ZZ is to give it a good drink of water, especially if it's been a while since the last one.  First, remove the inner pot from the planter.  If you're watering it in your sink or tub, let a slow stream of water run through the soil until you see it coming out the bottom.  If you're using a watering can, like our Little Kettle Watering can, keep pouring the water over the soil until you see it coming out the bottom of the container.  Once you've watered it let it drain thoroughly and then put it back into the planter.   

Giving it a good watering like this (and letting it drain so it's not sitting in water) will help your ZZ to grow strong healthy roots. 

If you water the plant while it's still in the planter, make sure you remove any excess water so the plant is not sitting in it.  This will lead to root rot and your plant will most likely die. 


Reason #3: The ZZ can tolerate pretty much any light level including, and I love this for people that work in an office, fluorescent light.  That kind of light is not so flattering but at least with a ZZ in your office you're enjoying a beautiful plant.

If you're going to put it in bright light make sure that it's indirect bright light so that it doesn't burn.  And if you're putting it in a spot with low light, just keep in mind the it won't grow as quickly but it will tolerate it.

Whever you decide to place it, you'll have a happy plant. 

ZZ in White Ceramic Planter Pot_Aloe Gal Plants & Decor

(Photo: ZZ Lico the ZZ Plant)


 Pet owners and Parents of little kids should be aware that that the ZZ is toxic.


Reason #4: Along with being a super easy to care for plant that will tolerate a fair amount of neglect, the ZZ is an air purifier and a feel good plant that will increase your mood.

If you lead a busy life, travel a lot, or just need a plant that can survive pretty much anything ZZ is your girl.


Check out ZZ in her various planter styles and see which one is the perfect fit for you.


Have questions about the ZZ Plant, post a comment below. 

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