Haworthia Plant Tote Bag

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- Available in 3 Sizes: 13", 16" or 18"
- Customizable Handle Colors: beige, white or black
- Crafted with spun polyester, featuring double-stitched seams, cotton webbing straps, and a nonwoven laminate lining for unparalleled durability.
- Medium-weight fabric (6.49 oz/yd² or 200 g/m²)
- All Over Print (front and back show different parts of the print)
- One large storage compartment


🌿 Add a touch of botanical elegance to your everyday adventures with our Aloe Gal Haworthia Plant Tote Bag. Featuring a vibrant and artistic print design of the beloved Haworthia plant, this tote bag seamlessly combines functionality with style. Here's why it's a must-have accessory: 🌿

👜 Available in 3 Sizes: Choose the perfect size to suit your needs and style. Our custom-printed tote bags come in three sizes, ensuring versatility and functionality for any occasion.

🎨 Customizable Handle Colors: Personalize your tote bag with multiple handle color options to match your unique style and preferences. With three color choices available, you can find the perfect combination to complement your look.

🛍️ High-End Durability: Crafted with spun polyester, our tote bags feature double-stitched seams, cotton webbing straps, and a nonwoven laminate lining for unparalleled durability. The medium-weight fabric (6.49 oz/yd² or 200 g/m²) ensures long-lasting performance, perfect for everyday use.

🖼️ Stunning All-Over Print: The vibrant all-over print is created using dye sublimation, resulting in high-end visuals that showcase the beauty of this unique Haworthia plant print in exquisite detail. Make a statement with this eye-catching accessory wherever you go.

👜 Spacious Storage: With one large storage compartment, our tote bag offers ample space to carry your essentials with ease. Whether you're running errands, heading to the beach, or shopping for groceries, this tote bag has you covered.

🌱 NB! Size Tolerance: Please note that there may be a size tolerance of 0.75" (1.9 cm).

🌿 Elevate your everyday style with the Aloe Gal Haworthia Plant Tote Bag – the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and botanical charm. Add it to your cart today and carry a piece of nature wherever you go. 🛍️🌿

Product Sizing Chart 

  13" × 13'' 16" × 16'' 18" × 18''
Height, in 13.00 16.00 18.00
Length, in 13.00 16.00 18.00
Width, in 3.46 3.46 3.46
Handle height, in 14.00 14.00 14.00
Handle width, in 1.00 1.00 1.00


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